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Become a BCWUA Website Sponsor!

To become a website sponsor, choose a Sponsor Level from the list below. Download and complete the Website Sponsor Application (pdf), and mail it, along with your payment, to the address on the form. If you apply for a Business Card listing, include your business card or company graphics with the mail-in application or email them to the site administrator.

Sponsor Levels

Single Listing: $10.00 per year
Text only - Name, Address, Phone, Email

Linked Single Listing: $20.00 per year
Text only - Name, Address, Phone, Email, website link*

Business Card: $35.00 per year
250X140 (pixel) - Graphic and text

Linked Business Card: $50.00 per year
250x140 (pixel) - Graphic and text, website link*

*Websites will be reviewed prior to linking. Sites containing content or links that are not suitable will be declined.